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In 2004, Suhail completed his Bachelor of Pharmacy from the Victorian College of Pharmacy (Monash University) and has always had a passion for retail pharmacy. His main goal is to help people in his local community.
His vision for Fordgate Pharmacy is to ensure customers in the community are being looked after and always have a positive experience in his store. Suhail enjoys being able to positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of his customers and is proud that this is what his pharmacy represents.

Aytul - Dispensary

Aytul, our resident dispenser extraordinaire, can tackle any prescription puzzle with ease. With her organizational skills and uncanny ability to keep the dispensary running like a well-oiled machine, she ensures that every medication finds its rightful place. Aytul’s superpower? Transforming chaos into an orderly pharmacy quadrant, all while wearing a cape of efficiency.

Reema - Pharmacist

Reeema, our brilliant pharmacist, possesses a wealth of knowledge that would make even the most advanced textbooks jealous. With her expertise in medication and her knack for turning complicated drug interactions into fascinating stories, Reeema keeps our patients informed and their health in tip-top shape. Trust her to prescribe smiles and remedies with an infectious dose of humor.

Muhammed - Pharmacist

Muhammed is a highly skilled and dedicated pharmacist in our team. With extensive knowledge in pharmaceuticals and a passion for providing exceptional patient care, Muhammed plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of our customers. He is known for his attention to detail, strong communication skills, and ability to answer complex medical questions with patience and clarity. Muhammed’s expertise and professionalism make him an invaluable asset to our pharmacy

Najee - Pharmacist

Najee is another valuable member of our pharmacy team. As a pharmacist, Najee brings a wealth of experience and a compassionate approach to his work. He is committed to helping patients understand their medications, providing personalized advice, and addressing any concerns they may have. With his friendly demeanor and deep understanding of pharmaceuticals, Najee creates a warm and welcoming environment in our pharmacy, making patients feel comfortable and confident in their healthcare journey.

Jenan - Dispensing Technician

Jenan is a compassionate and organized dispensing technician. She prioritizes personalized service, provide accurate prescriptions, and build strong relationships with customers through her friendly demeanor.

Mev - Dispensing Technician

Mev is a skilled and detail-oriented dispensing technician with years of experience. She excels in accurately filling prescriptions and have excellent communication skills, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Dilara - Pharmacy Assistant

Dilara, the multitasking maestro of our pharmacy, effortlessly juggles various responsibilities with a smile that could brighten the gloomiest of days. Whether she’s assisting customers, managing inventory, or mastering the art of calming the occasional prescription panic, Dilara is the glue that holds our team together. Her positive energy and ability to find humor in the most hectic moments make her a true asset to our pharmacy family.

Nese - Pharmacy Student (2nd year)

Nese, our enthusiastic second-year pharmacy student, is a true embodiment of curiosity and ambition. Always eager to learn and apply her knowledge, she fearlessly dives into the world of pharmaceuticals, uncovering new insights and lending a fresh perspective to our team. Nese’s determination is contagious, reminding us all to embrace the joy of continuous growth and the occasional caffeine boost.

Amina - Intern Pharmacist

Amina, our aspiring intern pharmacist, is a force to be reckoned with. Eager to absorb knowledge like a sponge, she’s always ready to lend a helping hand and soak up valuable insights from our experienced team. Amina’s passion for patient care and her eagerness to explore the world of pharmacy make her a rising star in our midst.

Aminah - Assistant

Aminah, our trusty assistant, is the queen of behind-the-scenes magic. From handling administrative tasks with lightning speed to ensuring a smooth workflow, she’s the secret ingredient that keeps our pharmacy operations running smoothly. With her superhuman organizational skills and uncanny ability to anticipate everyone’s needs, Aminah is the unsung hero of our pharmacy.

Amena - Assistant

Ameena is our dedicated pharmacy assistant, whose efficiency and organizational skills keep our pharmacy running smoothly. With a keen eye for detail, Ameena ensures that prescriptions are accurately filled and inventory is properly managed. She takes pride in providing excellent customer service, assisting customers with their inquiries, and offering support wherever it is needed. Ameena’s friendly and approachable nature makes her a trusted resource for both staff and customers alike. Her commitment to maintaining a well-organized and customer-centric pharmacy environment is truly commendable.

Noor - First-Year Pharmacy Student

Noor, our fresh-faced first-year pharmacy student, is on a quest to conquer the pharmaceutical universe. With wide-eyed enthusiasm and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she brings a sense of wonder and curiosity to our pharmacy. Noor’s journey is just beginning, but her dedication and drive make her a promising addition to our team.


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"Better health starts with better care. Trust us to provide the highest quality medications for all your health needs."

 Our team of pharmacists are highly experienced and knowledgeable, with a passion for providing expert care to our customers. Whether you have a question about your medication or just need some advice, our pharmacists are always here to help.


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Our Mission & Vission

At Fordgate Pharmacy, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality of care and service. We are committed to helping our community stay healthy and informed by providing personalized attention and expert advice. Our goal is to be a trusted resource for all of our customers' health needs.

Professional Staff

We believe that our mission and vision guide our every action and decision, and we are committed to upholding these values every day. Whether you're picking up a prescription or seeking advice on managing a health condition, we are here to provide the support and expertise you need to stay healthy and happy.


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At Fordgate Pharmacy, we believe that a healthy life starts with access to high-quality medicines and vitamins. That’s why we’re committed to providing our customers with the best selection of health and wellness products available. Whether you’re looking for prescription medications, over-the-counter remedies, or vitamins and supplements, we have everything you need to stay healthy and happy.


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